Warming Up With Ali Brigginshaw

Australian rugby league superstar Ali Brigginshaw is captain of the Brisbane Broncos and is here to show you how to warm up with a footy.

First of all, the way you hold the football is essential. Tip: the position of your hands and the placement of your fingers is very similar to the way you hold a game controller. Place your hands in the middle, with the thumbs on top.

1. Just pass the footy between your fingertips 10 times. Keep your fingers spread, so you have a better grip of the ball.

2. Once you have mastered that, it is time for the first challenge. Pass the ball up high and try not to drop it. Repeat this 10 times, keeping your fingers spread and your shoulders relaxed.

3. The next challenge is to pass the ball down below, just above your feet. Again, try not to drop the ball. Also, to make it a bit easier for your back, bend your knees a little.

4. The next step is to pass the ball around your belly - before moving on to the trickiest move.

5. Here comes the most challenging one. Spread out your legs, put the footy in between, and pass the ball while changing each leg (see below).

Don't give up if you cannot do this right away. It is all about practice!