Warm Up Exercises To Help Your Big Walk For Little Kids

Let’s get your legs moving, your arms stretching and that heart rate going!

There are many ways to keep moving while in lockdown, but the most important part is to do the exercise you love. It's so much fun to move your body and our Big Walk for Little Kids is a great way to do it! But before you start, we need to warm up.

Our Big Walk for Little Kids has already started and if you plan on getting those steps in, a warm-up is essential. It’s important to warm up before exercising for a number of reasons:

It can lower your risk of injury!

Preparing your body for movement will relax your muscles, helping to prevent injury.

Improve your flexibility

This can help you move much easier as you'll gain a full range of motion for when you exercise.

Reduce soreness!

When you warm your muscles, movement is much easier, and you’ll save yourself from stiffness the next morning (which we all want!).

Improved performance

Stretched and warm muscles will work better for you and help you feel energised for your exercise.


If you're looking for a reason to get active and make a difference at the same time, let's walk BIG together!

There is still plenty of days in September to get those kilometres in and join our Big Walk for Little Kids. Sign up and learn more here!

To start your warm-up stretches, and some cardio exercises, check out Sam’s tips (below), which you can try from the comfort of your home.


G'day guys,

It's Sam from Camp Quality here, and I'm just gonna run a little bit of a, get active, get moving warm-up, PE class style thing. You can use it on the weekends, you can use it when it's sunny, you can use it when it's raining.

First things first, we need a warm-up.

We need to get those muscles loose. We need to make sure that we're ready to go for whatever activity we're getting involved in. So, if you've got a foam roller, great, if you don't, it's not necessary. But, if you do, here's a couple of quick demonstrations on how to get those legs loose and ready to go.

So before we get moving, before we get active, we really wanna make sure we're loose; we wanna make sure our muscles are warmed up and ready to go, so that we don't strain anything, pull anything or get any injuries - no matter what sort of activity we do.

You wanna grab your foot, one arm out, pull it nice and tight, so you can feel that stretch.

Hold it for about 10 seconds. If it's hurting, let it go. If it's not, just pull a little bit tighter or even switch the hands over. Hold that stretch for about 10 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

Next one, I'm sure you've all seen it before. We just wanna loosen up those shoulders a little bit. Pull your arm across the front of your chest, like so. Make a little bit of an X in your elbow. And again, you wanna feel that stretch down the back of your arm and hold it for about 10 seconds. Loosen yourself out a little bit and switch to the other arm.

Then there's always the good old lunge. You just wanna lean into it. Get that back leg nice and straight and lean as far into it as you can. Hold that for about 10 seconds. Switch legs. Again, this is all at your own ability. If you're feeling it's too tight, just loosen it up a little. Bring that foot back in a little bit. If it's too loose, drop that foot a little bit further back and get deeper into that lunge. You can even drop that knee a little bit if you need to.

OK, so now that we've stretched out a little bit, our legs are a little bit loose, our arms, our shoulders, our back are a little bit loose. Wanna do a couple of little exercises to get those body parts a little bit warmer?

So, we're gonna start with some squats. So we just wanna do 10 of these. Get nice and deep, keep the back nice and straight, as you squat down, up and down. You don't wanna do it too quickly, where you're going fast and fast. You wanna hold it at the top a little for a second or two, and then hold it at the bottom for a second or two. Again, all to your own ability. If you can't get quite that deep, don't go that deep. It's as simple as that.

So we're gonna start with some star jumps. We're going to do 10 of these. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10, awesome. Once you've done those, you wanna get those legs moving a little bit more and we're just gonna do some high knees. Get those hands out in front of you. And the idea is that you wanna tap each leg to your knee. And we're gonna do 10 of these. So, just for the point of the video, I'm gonna do five each side, but I want you guys to do 10 each side, so 20 in total. So, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, awesome.

Wanna see you walk; go for a walk, go for a run, go for a bike ride with your family. Or, if you don't have that much space, if you don't have access to those sort of facilities, you've always got a driveway. So old driveway, there are a few lines on them. Use the lines as you're starting and finishing runs. So, run to the first, tap the ground, tap the ground again, come to your second. Really get down and touch the ground every time you get to the line, because it makes you work that little bit harder.

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout your activity, drinking water. And make sure once you finish, you always warm down. We're gonna do very similar activities to what we did during our warm-up for our warm down. We're gonna make sure we get into that lunge again. Especially if we've been doing some running, our legs are tight.

Wanna make sure everything is in line and get nice and deep into that lunge, bend that knee a little bit, hold it for about 10 or 15 seconds, making sure it's not straining too much. If it's straining, again just walk that foot in a little bit, try and get that heel planted down on the ground to get the maximum amount of extension out of your leg. If you can't get that heel down and your toes up, just drop the knee down a little bit. Get the arms up again. 10 or 15 seconds, each side. If it's feeling tight, give it a wiggle. Then you want to hook your arms, get them together, hold them like this. This is really effective to get those shoulders loose. And the other side. Wiggle them out, loosen up.

Back to that quad hamstring stretch. If you're struggling with balance, find something to hold onto, whether it be a wall, a pole, anything. Bench. 10 or 15 seconds each side.

Now, if you've got a foam roller at home, it's really great for warming down. One of my favourites, just that sort of low back, upper glute area. Just roll it back and forward, getting that body weight into the roller, getting that pressure into the muscles to help loosen it up.

Then the outside hip, bring that foot in front to balance. This leg is doing the balancing, this leg is doing the rolling, just sort of tilted over on your toes, resting yourself up on your arm, getting into those hip muscles. You can also get your lower back and your upper back.

Pop it in the middle of your shoulder blades. Cross your arms, lift up your pelvis a little bit and just roll backwards and forwards along those shoulder blades. And finally, the calves. Get the roller in up underneath the calves, about the middle, prop yourself up with your arms and just roll backwards and forwards. If you struggle with that, take one leg off. And just use that pressure to roll out your calf.

Now you may have heard, Camp Quality has a new peer-to-peer fundraising event coming up, Big Walk for Little Kids. We're challenging our families and friends to commit to walking 30, 60 or 100 kilometres in the month of October. Sign up, raise some money and help us at Camp Quality, help you guys. Thanks again, have a good one. (Please note: this video was recorded and published in 2020 and is not relevant to Camp Quality's Big Walk for Little Kids in 2021, which is for the duration of September.)