The Ultimate Easter Egg Buying Guide

What comes to our mind when thinking about Easter? For the Camp Quality team, the answer is easy. It is a mix of chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, the Easter bunny, egg hunts - and then chocolate eggs again. 😊

If you are a chocolate Easter egg lover like us, this article is for you. We will have a look at the range of Easter chocolate treats available at ALDI and Woolworths that won't just make kids happy - but the whole family, too.

This ultimate Easter Egg Guide will help you find the yummiest and best treats for your egg hunt and basket this year.

Kinder Surprise Easter Bunny

You can't do anything wrong with a chocolate Easter bunny from Kinder. Not only is the chocolate delicious, but there is also a surprise waiting inside! These Easter bunnies are stocked by both Woolworths and ALDI.

Luxury Dark Chocolate Bunny

If you prefer delicious dark chocolate from Europe, you might want to add this golden bunny to your Easter basket. There is also a white chocolate version and both can be found at ALDI.

The Gold Bunny

Both young and old chocolate lovers adore the classic golden bunny with the little bell around its neck. The delicious Lindt Gold Bunny is available at Woolworths.

Chocolate Easter Figures

Would you rather have lots of small chocolate bunnies than one big one? Then these Chocolate Easter Figures, made in both bunnies and chicks, are the right choice for you. They're perfect for the Easter hunt and are available at ALDI.

Before looking at our chocolate Easter egg recommendations, do you actually know why eggs are a symbol of Easter? It is because many ancient cultures viewed eggs as a symbol of life.

Hugos Kids' Easter Egg

Hmmm, which one to pick? There are three different versions of this premium milk chocolate egg available at ALDI. You can choose from 100s & 1000s, Raspberry & Popping Candy, and Honeycomb - with each of them making for a great Easter treat. You might like to have all three!

CADBURY Dairy Milk Hollow Easter Egg

The Dairy Milk Hollow Easter Egg from Cadbury is a classic. This simple, but satisfying (yum!), Easter egg is made out of creamy milk chocolate and is available at ALDI and Woolworths.

Maltesers Mini Eggs

The Maltesers Mini Eggs are a great choice for the whole family. Who doesn't like yummy solid eggs with mini Maltesers in the chocolate? This mouth-watering Easter delight is available from ALDI and Woolworths.