Things To Do For Mum On Mother's Day - With Dean The Camp Quality Puppet

Wondering what you can do for your mum this Mother's Day? Dean is here to give you some great tips!

Watch below to find out:

Mother's Day is a special day for Dean's most favourite person in the world, his mum. So, let's have a look at all the great things you can do for your mum:

Help her around the garden

As it is autumn, there might be some leaves from the trees lying around. How about you collect them and put them in a rubbish bin? Or, you could mow the lawn? But for that one, you might want to ask a grown-up for help. Don't forget, safety first! 😉

Do you have a vegie patch in the garden? If so, how about you take some good care of the plants? Maybe water them and if there are ripe vegies, pick those and place them in a lovely basket.

Pick some fresh flowers for mum in the garden. Just make sure you don't pick the ones she or your dad have been trying to grow for ages. 😉

Get creative

Prepare a theatre show

You might craft a little theatre from a cereal box. Click here to learn How to make a cereal box puppet theatre. You could use socks as puppets if you like. If you cannot think of any storyline for the show, just use two characters – you and your mum. Use the two characters to show how much you love her and how thankful you are for all the things she does for you. If you have siblings, you could expand the cast!

Present a magic trick

Another idea might be to present a magic trick to your mum. Have a look here to get inspired by a Trick with Magic Mel.

Play a song

Or, do you want to write mum a song? Can you play an instrument? Take it and play it to your mum. You can also sing along. If you cannot think of any lyrics and don't want to copy a famous singer, here is an idea… Sing about what you are grateful for and about all the great things your mum does for you - finishing the song with a big THANK YOU and hug for your special mum.

Make a tie-dye shirt for your mum

If you feel that your mum needs a cool shirt designed by you, here is the solution. Have a look at the video Make Your Own Tie-Dye Shirt - With Sarah And Addy.

All you'll need is a plain shirt or a pair of socks; tie-dye powder; rubber bands; bowls; zip-lock bags; a pair of gloves and a few sheets of newspaper. Check out this video for the instructions on how to dye the shirt - and then discover what your creation looks like at the end of the rainbow!

Make mum breakfast or lunch, or bake something delicious

On Happiness Hub you can find some tasty recipes that you could prepare for your mum or the whole family.

Make homemade granola

An idea for breakfast could be preparing Delicious Homemade Granola following the recipe by the famous chef - Dan Churchill. There is no doubt that your mum will love it. You can also prepare a larger amount of granola, fill it in a nice glass jar (your family might have a spare one in the pantry). Take a pen, write a nice note on a piece of paper, and attach it to the jar.

Prepare a feta pasta dish

If you would like to cook lunch for your mum like a real master chef, have a look at the Feta Pasta Recipe by Vienna From Junior MasterChef.

Bake decadent brownies

If your mum has more of a sweet tooth, the Decadent Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownie Recipe might be of interest to. Just click here to see the full recipe. It is a super-awesome, but super-easy, brownie dish.

The simplest, but the not least meaningful, gift you can give your mum…

Hug her and say THANK YOU!

You could do that on any given day, really, not just Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there - and a GIANT

to all of you!