The ULTIMATE Father’s Day Cheese & Ham Sandwich Recipe

Camp Quality’s South Australian Chef Ambassador, Penfolds Magill Estate’s Scott Huggins, has prepared for us the ULTIMATE Father’s Day recipe. This is no ordinary cheese and ham sandwich; it's the cheesiest, fanciest, most tasty take on the classic Dad loves. As a father of 6 kids, Scott knows how to make Father's Day special.

This recipe serves 1 (so multiply for however many people are in your family).


There are two components of this recipe. The delicious Béchamel sauce, and the sandwich itself.


2 slices thick-cut white bread

100g ham off the bone from the deli or smallgoods store

50g slice sharp cheddar cheese

Small drizzle of honey

Béchamel Sauce

20g plain flour

30g butter

200g milk

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

50g smoked cheese

1 tsp Australian mustard


First, make the Béchamel Sauce

1. In a small saucepan on medium heat, place butter and flour and stir with whisk until melted together

2. Add milk and stir until thick

3. Add cheese, mustard and Worcestershire sauce

4. Stir until cheese has melted all the way through

Then, start the sandwich

1. Butter both sides of each bread slice

2. Smear one slice with a little honey and place ham and cheddar on top

3. Sandwich with the second slice of bread

4. Heat a non-stick pan and put your sandwich in. Grill slowly on low-medium heat on both sides

5. Once the sandwich is golden brown on both sides, take out of the pan and put in a safe dish. Cover the top with the Béchamel Sauce

6. Place under grill and cook until blonde

7. Put on a nice plate and serve with Dad's favourite coffee!

Scott’s Father’s Day Breakfast tips:

  • If any of your tasty cheese falls out of the sandwich and into the pan, don't worry! You will get some lovely crispy cheese textures and flavours

  • Top your toasted sandwich with a fried egg if Dad wants a big breakfast

  • Cook with Dad, not for Dad. Father’s Day is just as much for the kids to celebrate their Dads. Get in the kitchen with the kids and make some fun memories while cooking together as a family