'The Secret Library Of Hummingbird House' - Kids' Book Read Aloud With Julianne Negri

Hattie Maxwell is trying to make sense of her life since the Big Split. It used to be the four of them – Mum, Dad, Ivy and Hattie – against the universe. But lately it feels like she’s a lone star in a big galaxy.

Her one escape is Hummingbird House, an old mansion with a giant mulberry tree, which is perfect for climbing in and hiding from the world. So when Hattie learns that the house is going to be demolished, she becomes determined to save it.

A midnight visit becomes a step back in time, and Hummingbird House reveals its secrets: a hidden library, a mysterious new friend, and a lost treasure that could help stop the development. Can the past help Hattie to fix her present?

Join author Julianne Negri as she reads her book aloud, for you!

A brilliant time-slip novel with a contemporary twist, The Secret Library of Hummingbird House celebrates standing up, speaking out and letting go of the past.