'The Land Belongs To Me' - Inspiring Kids' Book Read Aloud By Author Alys Jackson, Plus Activity!

An inspirational rhyming tale about the importance of sharing, solving conflict and caring for our world.

The land is mine… From the daisy to the tree… Each and every flower… Every twig belongs to me!

From the beetle to the general and the animals and people in-between, every creature stakes a claim on the land… from the cities to the islands, to every rock, nook and cranny…

But where can this lead? What will be left?

Perhaps the wise worm has the answer...


Enjoy this delightful story being read aloud!

Love this story? Have fun by joining us in an activity using word chains, just like in the book!

The Land Belongs To Me contains a word chain:

“The land is mine from the cities to the islands to the oceans to the mountains to the hilltop to the farmhouse to the fence post to the daisy to the old oak tree.”

  1. Listen to The Land Belongs To Me.

  2. Now look at the jumbled-up pictures (below).

  3. Listen to the word chain again and touch each picture as you hear the word read aloud.

  4. Looking at the pictures, can you now remember the words in the correct order? Have a go.

  5. Try adding new words or create your own word chain using different categories – emotions/fruit/animals/words starting with the letter 's'.

  6. Use actions to help you remember the words in a chain.


We hope you enjoyed Alys Jackson reading her book, The Land Belongs To Me, illustrated by Shane McGrath.

You can get your very own copy of the book here.

The Land Belongs To Me is published by Big Sky Publishing. Find more awesome titles on their website.