The Chocolate Dice Game

Do you have a Sweet tooth? Want to compete with at least 2 other chocolate lovers for sweet, sweet victory? Well then, you should play ‘The Chocolate Dice Game’ This activity is a favourite on our Kids' Camps and always ends in laughter, chocolate - and maybe just a little bit of a mess! You can also play it at home with your family. Here's how:

What you'll need:

One block of your favourite chocolate, paper plates, one knife and fork for each player, gloves for each player and two dice.

Here's how:

Put the unwrapped chocolate bar on a paper plate with a bunch of knives, forks and gloves next to it.

Taking it in turns, players try and roll a double number with the dice.

If no double, play passes to the next person.

If a double is rolled, the player can put on gloves and, using their knife and fork, cut one piece of chocolate at a time and start eating!

As soon as the player starts to put on their gloves, the dice gets passed on to the remaining players so they can try and roll a double.

The person in the gloves can only eat and cut the chocolate one piece at a time. As soon as the next player rolls a double, they must take off their gloves and stop eating. It is the new person's turn to eat the chocolate! In the meantime, the game continues with the other players trying to roll a double.

As long as you all get to eat some chocolate, everybody wins in the Chocolate Dice Game!