Easy DIY Flower Bookmarks - Mother's Day Craft Idea

Do you want to make your mum something beautiful for Mother's Day?

Camp Quality has the perfect idea - flower bookmarks designed by you! We have no doubts your mum will love this special gift. Not only is it beautiful and super helpful when reading books but, more importantly, it's special because you put your energy in to make it for her.

Susie is going to show us how to be creative and make these vibrant flower bookmarks. (Full instructions are also written below.)

What you'll need:

· Paper in colours of your choice. You can also use cardboard, felt or any other materials you like to include in your artwork

· Scissors

· Glue

· Paddle Pop sticks

· Glitter, or any other decorations that you want to glue onto your bookmarks

Here's how:

1. Cut out different shapes with the paper. You might want to start with a circle.

2. Use the circle and cut out a flower, star, or any other shape you like, out of it. For example, you could cut out a flower with three petals in a small size.

Just let your imagination run wild and have fun with it!

3. Repeat the same steps with paper in a different colour. You might also want to mix it with other textures, like felt or cardboard. As an idea, you could cut out a flower with four petals slightly bigger than the first one.

4. Repeat the same steps with a different coloured paper. This time you could cut out a flower with five petals, which is slightly bigger than the second flower.

5. Glue all three flowers (or shapes that you have picked) together to create more texture. Start with the biggest shape, add a little bit of glue in the middle, then glue the second flower on top. Last but not least, glue the smallest flower on top.

6. Take one Paddle Pop stick.

7. Add some glue at the top of the stick.

8. Glue the flower on top of it.

9. Add a special message for your mum on the Paddle Pop stick.

You can also craft multiple flowers, so you create a little bouquet of floral bookmarks - with different messages on each - for your mum.

Why not follow the step-by-step instructions shown by Susie? If you lack ideas about what colours or shapes to cut out of the paper, definitely check out Susie's video, as it will give you some cool inspiration.

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