How To Make a Quarantine Time Capsule

Updated: May 5

We are sure living in a crazy time. Social distancing and staying inside has totally changed our lives! There is no doubt that in a few years we will look back and say, “WOW remember when we were in quarantine?!”

To help you remember what life was like in quarantine AND to pass some of the time spent indoors, it’s the best time ever to make a time capsule.

What is a time Capsule?

A time capsule is a container that holds present day items, such as photos, newspapers (if you still receive those), letters and more. It is then hidden away for your future self or someone of your choosing to open.

This is perfect as a gift to yourself or a gift for your child for future years. Have another family member hide the box, so you aren’t tempted to open it. Want to hide it for one year? Five? Ten? There’s no time limit! The rules are all up to you. Shoeboxes are great for indoor safekeeping, while weather-resistant boxes are best for the outdoors.

What do I put in my time Capsule?

To help you remember what life is like, we have made an editable time capsule printable work sheet to put into your time capsule. Click HERE to download!

Do the worksheet first. It will help you start thinking about other things you could put in the time capsule. Once you are done the worksheet, start thinking about what else can help you remember what life is like right now. Over time you can add things to the box.

Remember: It is important to let everyone put in the items and photos that are also important to them. There may be things that don’t seem as important to adults that kids do think are important – we are all different!

Need some more ideas?

In addition to your filled-out worksheet, here are some other ideas to put in your time capsule:

  • Newspaper clippings

  • Photos of your family

  • Recipes you love

  • Photos of friends

  • Art projects

  • Photos of yourself

  • Favourite Quotes

  • A letter to your future self

  • Favourite Fashion trend that you wore from home (Use magazine or online photos)

  • Since we can’t always see our friends and family that don’t live with us in person, when you are on a video call or a zoom meeting take a screen shot and then print that out! It will be a special memory of your video call fun!

Click here for Time Capsule Worksheet!

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