'Kisses In Your Heart' - Calming Kids' Book Read Aloud By Author Sonia Bestulic

A bright, beautiful and empowering story to inspire little people to use the strength of love within.

Inspired by the heart-warming bedtime routine with her own three young children, Sonia Bestulic not only honours the love between a parent and child, her book encourages the simple, yet symbolic act of placing kisses in our children’s hearts to inspire bravery, courage and self-empowerment.

This delightful story is a gift for parents and children alike.

Kisses In Your Heart quite literally shines as bright as the love burning in the little girl’s heart. A powerful tale of family love, courage, resilience and emotional support, highly recommended for any home, school or professional setting for children from age four.” #justkidslit

Kisses In Your Heart was shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards 2020 (Birth to Three Years).

You can get your very own copy of the book here.

Kisses In Your Heart is published by Big Sky Publishing – you can find more awesome titles on their website.