A Letter From The Mysterious Kid-ness Ninja

At Camp Quality, we have a mysterious Kid-ness Ninja. They are always randomly leaving us with wacky wisdom, fun ideas and inspiration. We never know when the Kid-ness Ninja will pop up next! We thought we would share the most recent mysterious letter from our mysterious Kid-ness Ninja.

Dear Camp Quality friends,

It is I, the Kid-ness Ninja, and I am writing to share my Ninja wisdom.

We have all been social distancing for a while now, so I think it is time to share some of the activities that I have been doing to keep up my Ninja at home.

1. Keeping fit - yes, I’ve been able to do this from home, and not just by walking to the fridge. There are plenty of online fitness classes you can do, including for the Mini Ninjas out there.

2. Mindfulness and relaxation breathing to keep up my mental strength, because as everyone knows, being a ninja is more than just physical - it is a way of life.

3. Eating well and drinking lots of water because a healthy ninja, is a strong ninja.

4. Having fun and laughing with friends and family online. Life is not the same without people who support you, so keep in touch or get back in contact with people you haven’t spoken to for a while.

What have you all been doing while at home?

As always, I hope you are having fun and staying true to the ways of the Kid-ness Ninja.

Until next time,

Ninja Out