Kerry Armstrong Shares How She Stays Positive In Difficult Times - With Mel The Camp Quality Puppet

Join Mel the Puppet in an interview with actor Kerry Armstrong as they chat about staying positive during difficult times, Kerry’s experience as a Camp Quality Ambassador on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and the perks of being a jacket potato!

Kerry Armstrong is an actor who has been an Ambassador for Camp Quality since 2018! Her experience in hospital when her young son faced a brain tumour means she understands what Camp Quality families go through. Kerry is determined to help us ease the enormity of what our families face and has been a strong advocate for Camp Quality through media interviews, at fundraising events and by making special guest appearances on our camps.

She also loves sharking a joke with the Camp Quality Puppets!

Kerry’s gems of wisdom:

"Stay in your safest place - your heart. Make sure that you always have faith, because there is always love around you and people will always look after you. You look after yourself, and we will look after you. You've got a family here." 💛