Making Paper Plate Whales With Kylie The Camp Quality Puppet - Fun Kids' Craft!

Hey! Do you know much about whales?

What about any other sea creatures?

It just so happens that Kylie knows sooooo many cool, interesting and exciting facts about whales! ( Don't ask us how... we have no idea. 😆)

Kylie also knows how to make some really fun whale decorations out of paper plates.

They're so easy and will look great hanging in your bathroom or kitchen!

What you'll need:

  • Paper plates

  • Scissors (ask someone for help with these!)

  • Glue

  • Extra pieces of paper

  • Coloured pencils, paints, glitter - or anything else you might like to use to decorate your whale

Watch the video to learn how!

Share pictures of your whale decorations online and tag @campquality. We LOVE seeing your craft!