How To Make Fun Cloudy Slime For Kids - With Professor Watermelon

Joining us today is Professor Watermelon! Professor Watermelon is a super-wacky scientist who has some very secret recipes and an extra MAD scientist laugh!

Professor Watermelon has been working hard for years on a super-secret recipe that they believe will change the WORLD!

While hiding out in their underground scientist lab, they discovered a special type of SLIME that is CLOUDY!

They then spent 5 more years, with only the lab rats for company, perfecting the recipe.

Today, they have decided that it is time to share this recipe with YOU!

(It's actually super easy!!!)

This slime is suuuuuper fun to play with and you can make it in ANY colour you dream of!

What you'll need:

  • A bowl

  • A spoon

  • Flour

  • Conditioner or shaving cream

  • Food colouring

Watch the video to find out how!

Make sure you watch to the end if you want to hear some extra-silly and science-themed jokes by our very own Camp Quality Puppet, Professor Dean!

We would LOVE to see pictures of you making your slime!

Send them to us or tag us on social media @CampQuality. 😁