How To Make Easy Dinosaur Eggs - With Kylie The Camp Quality Puppet

What you’ll need:

  • Balloons in different colours.

  • Small plastic dinosaurs or other fossil friends of yours.

Here’s how:

  • Put the dinosaur inside the balloon carefully. Be careful not to accidentally poke holes into the balloon.

  • Fill the balloon with water.

To make it extra cool, you could also add a few drops of food colouring to the water.

  • Make a knot in the balloon so the water cannot spill out.

  • Put the balloon into the fridge overnight.

  • The next day, carefully take it out of the fridge and remove the balloon.

  • Place the frozen dinosaur egg in a bowl or big cup so you can observe it.

Make sure not to hold the balloon or the egg for too long in your bare hands, as the ice might hurt you. Enjoy your creation!

Video transcript:

- Hello, fellow explorers! Explorer, Kylie, here. Today, we are joined by my good friend, Terrance, The Triceratops. We are going to show you, how to make some frozen dinosaur eggs. Ooh.

Watch closely. Step one, we're going to put Terrance inside this balloon.

Be careful though, because we don't want to accidentally poke holes in it. Step two, fill the balloons with water. You can also add a few drops of food coloring to make them extra cool.

Step three, put them in the freezer overnight. See you tomorrow. Sleep well.

Good morning, explorers! Our fossil friend should be frozen by now. So, let's go take a look. We just have to carefully peel off the balloon and oh my gosh! Are you seeing this? Whoa! Can you believe your eyes? In front of us here, we have, a real life, frozen dinosaur egg. Cool! Wow! Happy exploring everyone!

Bye! Whoa!