How To Make A DIY Succulent Jar - With Amy

Want to add a pop of colour to your bedroom? We’ve got a recipe to add some creative fun to your indoor space with your very own DIY succulent jar!

What you’ll need:

  • A succulent plant

  • A mason jar

  • Some pebbles

You can change out your jar for a colourful container or hanging basket. These can be placed anywhere in the house where you and your succulent are happy. 😇

Ready to decorate your jar for your own power plant? Let’s get crafting! 🌱

Hold on…

What is a succulent?

The word succulent means juicy and tender and it comes from the Latin word sucus, which means ‘juice’ or ‘sap’. A succulent is a plant that stores water in its leaves, so that's why they often look thick, fleshy and succulent. This also means that they thrive in dry environments, making them great for the indoors!

Succulents come in all sorts of fabulous shapes, textures and colours; there are green ones, orange ones, yellow ones – some are purple and pink. They can even grow flowers. 🌺 You can choose the succulent that feels the most like you. 🌵

Why should I get a succulent?

Did you know that keeping succulents in your home can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and make you feel calm and relaxed?

Keeping a succulent in your work or home environment has shown even more benefits:

  • They brighten your mood Whether it's the earthy scents and colours or taking care of a living thing and seeing it grow and blossom, keeping a plant like a succulent affects our wellbeing and happiness by decreasing our feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  • They improve your concentration and focus Keeping plants at your desk boosts your concentration so you can tackle tasks faster. Research has also shown that regular exposure to plants – even in the form of a succulent indoors – can help children focus better. ✏️

  • They boost your memory and productivity Memory retention improves as much as 20% when you spend an hour in nature, research has found. This leads to better work and school performance. As well as going outside, you can keep a succulent jar to bring a piece of nature indoors.

  • They help you breathe better and get a good night’s sleep Though plants release oxygen during the day, most plants let out carbon dioxide at night. On the other hand, succulents continue to release oxygen throughout the night, giving you a breath of fresh air every time you go to bed. 😴

  • They purify the air When plants release water, they generate a pumping action that removes toxins and pollutants from the air and reduces airborne dust levels, which in turn helps to prevent diseases. Succulents are extra special as they can remove 87% of potentially harmful compounds that are found in household items like rugs, books and ink.

  • They help you recover quickly The water that succulents release increases the humidity of your home. This increased moisture has health benefits like faster recovery from headaches, coughs, sore throats and other common cold and flu symptoms. Research has also shown that keeping a plant indoors can increase your pain tolerance and decrease fatigue and anxiety.

As well as their amazing healing properties, succulents are popular ornamental plants known for their attractive appearance and ease of care. Since succulents are hardier and more drought-resistant than other plants, they can thrive indoors with relatively little maintenance – all the more reason to have your own! 🎍

How do I take care of my succulent?

Once you've crafted your DIY succulent jar, we have a few easy tips on how you can take care of it:

  • Maintain a warm temperature Succulents prefer warm temperatures and don’t like a lot of humidity or the freezing cold! They enjoy about 21-26 degrees in the summer and 10-15 in the winter. This means that you should…

  • Provide plenty of sunlight Succulents grow naturally in hot, dry climates and love plenty of sunshine. Most succulents prefer at least half a day (6 hours) of sun each day, so it works best to keep your succulent near a window where the light shines through.

  • Water moderately Since succulents hold onto water so well, try not to over-water yours! When you water your plant too often, water will collect at its root and you might see it shedding its leaves. Water your succulent well about once a week and check that the soil is drying between waterings. If you see that its leaves are withering, it’s time for a drink. 🚿

And that’s it! Make sure your succulent gets enough water and sunlight to stay healthy and happy, and watch a piece of nature make your bedroom bright and beautiful. 😊