How To Host A COVID-19 Dinner Party - With The O’Brien Family

1. Find someone willing to host – hopefully you have one or two people in your household happy to take a turn, like Bella and Grace.

2. Choose a theme. It could relate to a festive celebration, a favourite TV show or cuisine. Bella chose an Easter theme and Grace, The Simpsons.

3. Research recipes that link to your theme and set a menu. Fun food should be the priority – a pink sprinkled donut cake perhaps!

4. Find some props to go with your theme. You might have everything you need already at home, especially if your dinner party has been inspired by something you love. If not, this is an excuse to get crafty and create your own!

5. Cook up your feast. You might need to ask for some help with this from a family member and that's OK - all the best chefs get a hand in the kitchen!

6. Set the table, using your props and decorations. Make sure you have remembered to invite your family!

7. Now it's time to serve your food and enjoy dinner with your family. Perhaps you can snap a family selfie to share with all of your loved ones. Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t go to town!