How To De-stress

Danger, danger! When we face a threat, our autonomic nervous system engages our "Flight, Fright or Freeze" stress response to plan our escape! 🏃

Sometimes, our bodies can't tell the difference between a real danger (a lion is coming to eat you! 🦁) or a perceived threat (no more toilet paper! 🧻), which means that we sense danger and activate the stress response much more often than we actually need to. Since our autonomic nervous system regulates bodily functions like heart rate, respiratory rate and digestion, activating a stress response for sustained periods of time can cause long-term damage to our health.

In this episode with Tegan from the ORANGES Toolkit, we'll show you how to activate the lesser known "Rest and Digest" response to bring balance back into your body through a simple exercise: breathing. 🌬️