Delicious Homemade Granola Recipe - With Celebrity Chef Dan Churchill

Have you already thought of what to get for your mum this year as a Mother's Day gift? Remember, it's Mother's Day on May 9 in Australia. Through an act of kindness or a thoughtful gift, you can show your appreciation to your wonderful mum or carer on this special day.

Still looking for ideas this year? We have you covered!

How about making your own granola, and then packing it nicely in a glass jar with a handwritten note for your mum? The great thing about this present is that it won't only make your mum happy, but it can be shared with the whole family (if you prepare enough and your mum is happy to share). 😉

We know that there are plenty of different granola brands around that you could buy in the supermarket, but there are lots of reasons to roll up your sleeves and make your very own, homemade granola.

Why is making your own granola better?

  • Not all granola is healthy. Many granola brands bought in a store are full of sugar and loaded with unhealthy oils and preservatives.

  • You can customise the granola to your heart's content; for example, gluten-free, vegan or with your mum's favourite ingredients.

  • Making your own homemade granola is less expensive than store-bought alternatives, particularly when you're looking for vegan or gluten-free options.

Are there any health benefits from granola?

Depending on the specific ingredients you use, granola can be rich in protein, fibre, and micronutrients - and it is calorie-dense so you won't need to eat a vast amount to fill up your tummy. Granola may provide magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, B vitamins, and vitamin E. Granola recipes that include high-protein ingredients, such as nuts - including almonds, walnuts and cashews - and seeds, like hemp, pumpkin and sesame, all contribute to the feeling of fullness.

Also, high-fibre foods like oats, nuts and seeds slow down the emptying of your stomach and increase digestion time, which can help you feel fuller for longer.

  • Studies have reviewed other health benefits, including improved blood pressure, which are linked to granola and the ingredients used in it.

  • Granola can be kept for a long time if it's stored properly, such as in an air-tight container, and it is also an excellent food for on the go.

After reading all these granola benefits, you might be convinced that homemade granola is the perfect Mother's Day present. Not only does it taste delicious, but it will fill your mum's tummy and provide her with some great energy for the day ahead.

So, before sharing the recipe with you, let's have a look at...

What granola can be used for or added to

You can do the following things with granola:

  • Mix it with it milk, milk alternatives or yoghurt and have it for breakfast or a snack

  • Add it to smoothies

  • Top a fruit salad with it

  • Add to muffins

  • Make granola bars

  • If it is too crunchy, soften it up with heated milk and let it sit

  • Pack it nicely in a glass jar, add a handwritten tag, and give it as a present

Now, let’s have a look at a homemade granola recipe created by Dan Churchill:



  • 3 cups oats – oats boost your fibre intake

  • 1 cup coconut (shredded) – for extra flavour

  • ½ cup mixed nuts, chopped – depending on your preference you could mix cashews, almonds, walnuts and macadamia nuts

  • 2 tsp cinnamon

  • ½ cup maple syrup

  • a pinch of salt

  • ½ cup coconut oil – to ensure that you get all the benefits connected to coconut oil, try to get an organic virgin variety

  • ⅓ cup cacao nibs – the perfect complement to the light maple sweetness and toasty nuttiness


  1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celcius

  2. In a bowl combine your oats, shredded coconut, nuts, cinnamon and salt

  3. In a separate bowl combine the maple syrup and coconut oil

  4. Mix the wet ingredients into the dry and spread evenly onto a baking tray

  5. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden, being mindful to stir every 5-7 minutes or until it's golden evenly

  6. Remove from the oven and stir in cacao nibs before serving

Have fun preparing

your granola.

We are sure your mum will absolutely love it!