Fun Activity Packs For Kids To Do At Home

Tucked up at home in isolation? We've got some fun activity packs for you! They're filled with exciting books and characters who'll show you new worlds, even while you're at home. 😮

To get to know each of the characters, click on the links underneath your Pack's age range and watch the clips and video books. Then, download your Pack, open it and complete the activities! The more the merrier, so remember to include all your family for some Puffin Pack Fun! 😄💕

0 – 5 Years Pack

1. Watch the How to be a Lion video book link

2. Watch the 123 video book link

3. Watch the 100 Dogs video book link

4. Watch the 100 Cats video book link

6 8 Years Pack

1. Watch James and the Giant Peach movie (1996) - OR read along with the audiobook here

2. Watch The 12 Doctors (Dr Who/Mr Men)

Doctor First

Doctor Second

Doctor Third

Doctor Fourth

Doctor Fifth

Doctor Sixth

Doctor Seventh

Doctor Eighth

Doctor Ninth

Doctor Tenth

Doctor Eleventh

Doctor Twelfth

3. Watch the Super Mario World Full Series - 13 episodes (all about 10 mins long)

9 – 12 Years Pack

1. Murder Most Unladylike - Get a glimpse inside the amazing book series with a sneak peak of book 1 here

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Have a sneak peek inside this popular series with a glance of book 1 here

3. Rose Rivers - Watch the trailer for Jacqueline Wilson's book here

It's Activity Time! 🙌