Fun Activities And Tips On How To Make Halloween Awesome For Kids

Prepare yourself for a scary, spooky Halloween!

We hope you’re ready to eat yummy treats and don’t get caught in too many tricks. How are you going to spend your Halloween this year? If you're short for ideas, not to worry, Dean and Kylie have you covered!

Halloween can be fun as well as spooky. The Camp Quality Puppets are so excited to dress up and play some ghoulish games with you all!

Do you have your costume ready?

Kylie and Dean love a good dress-up. They have so many costumes ready for Halloween; do you? Here are some easy options if you don’t have much time to prepare:

  • Grab a bed sheet and then cut two little circles (make sure to get Mum's or Dad’s permission!), put the sheet over your head and now you’re a scary ghost!

  • Using scissors, cut up some cardboard to make two sharp fangs. Now you’re a frightening vampire!


Time for treats!

To make sure you get plenty of sweets this Halloween, eat some at home! Ask an adult to hide chocolates and lollies around your house to have a thrilling scavenger hunt. Find all the treasures so you can enjoy heaps of treats! For extra fun, hide some toys as well.


Cheeky tricks

Write a spooky story and share it with your friends. Try not to make it too scary! Or come up with your own Halloween jokes to have everyone laughing.

Spooky cooking

Spend some time in the kitchen, Halloween style! This is a great time to make delicious toffee apples or pumpkin pies. You can make any food spooky. Use your lunch to make some scary faces or, for something less eerie, simply enjoy some creamy pumpkin soup.


Dean and Kylie are here to help with your celebrations (see below) and share some spook-tacular Halloween fun with you. Enjoy!