Cute Craft Activities To Celebrate The Holiday Season

This festive season, it's time to get crafty!

DIY presents are always fun to create and they make lovely gifts for friends, family or even teachers! We have a bunch of great craft ideas to help you get creative this December.

All of our craft is simple and you'll only need a few tools to start the fun. You'll also find here a Camp Quality Holiday Colouring In activity that is ready to be printed out, decorated and stuck on the fridge for all to see!


Get your coloured pencils at the ready!

Simply download our Camp Quality Colouring In activity below, print it out and get started.

Camp Quality Happy Holidays Colouring In
Download • 149KB

Reindeer Thumbprint Baubles

What you'll need:

  • A permanent marker

  • Paint, whichever colours you like

  • A paintbrush

  • Baubles. It's recommended you use matte baubles to help see the paint clearly

  • Your thumbs!

Before we begin to paint, use the permanent marker to write your name, initials, or date. This will help you remember when you made your decoration, and it is a nice touch if you want to gift your bauble!

Here's how:

Step 1: Using your paint, cover the top of your thumb!

Press your thumb onto the ornament, leaving a fingerprint. Do as many of these as you can, keeping in mind you'll still need to draw on eyes and antlers!

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, start to draw.

Add two little eyes with your permanent marker. Then add detailed lines for antlers.

Step 3: Now it's time to add a nose.

Dip the end of your paintbrush into whatever colour you like and pop a nice round dot into the middle of your reindeer's face.

Wait for your art to dry. Now you have adorable reindeer baubles all ready to hang!

For more tips on how to make Reindeer Thumbprint Baubles, find Little Bit Funky's original post here.

Pasta Noodle Christmas Craft

You'll need:

  • Swirly noodles/pasta, or any other long pasta types

  • Macaroni noodles

  • Paint! You can use whatever colour you like but it is recommended to use glossy paint for extra shine

Here's how:

Step 1: Paint your noodles.

If you don't want to paint each individual pasta you plan on using, place a handful in a zip-lock bag with a dollop of paint.

Shake or move the pasta until they are fully coated in the paint. This is a tip we found in The Best Ideas for Kids original tutorial.

Do this until you have all the colours you would like. Once they're painted, lay the pasta out flat to dry.

Step 2: Decorate your Christmas tree!

Break off a piece of noodle to use as your trunk.

Starting from the bottom of your tree, place each piece in a line and begin to work your way up. As you add your pieces, make sure the length of each line is shorter.

Add in your macaroni pieces as a feature - it will look like bright tinsel on your tree!

Step 3: Glue together!

Once you are happy with how your Christmas tree looks, glue the pieces down. If you want to use your craft for a card, use a simple piece of paper.

To make a Christmas tree ornament, cut a piece of cardboard into a triangle shape and glue the pieces down. Make sure to ask an adult for help.

Happy holidays!