'Chasing Rainbows' - Kids' Book Read Aloud With Katrina McKelvey

Can you reach the end of a rainbow? Is rainbow magic even real?

A summer shower brings the delight of a rainbow. Is there truly magic at the end, like Dad believes there is?

Join Sam and Ruby as they frolic in their backyard, creating rainbows and chaos with imaginative and experimental water play.

Published by Big Sky Publishing. Love the book? Buy your own copy here!

Katrina McKelvey is a children’s author, former primary school teacher, wife, and mother to two tweenagers and a cocker spaniel. She’s written many children’s picture books and educational readers, including No Baths Week (March, 2019), Up To Something (May, 2019), Isla’s Family Tree (April, 2020), and Chasing Rainbows (August, 2020).