'By The Billabong' - Kids' Book Read Aloud With Maura Finn

Updated: Nov 4

A wisdom of wombats,

A passel of possums,

A cluster of spiders knitting socks... Who else might you meet on a trip to the billabong?

From an exciting new picture-book partnership between author Maura Finn and illustrator Cate James, comes this delightful romp through a much-loved Australian landscape. A charming cumulative rhyme featuring stunning Australian scenery and an introduction to collective nouns.

“The day was hot, and the day was long, so I went for a walk by the billabong to see what I could see.”

Join Maura Finn as she reads her book aloud, just for you!

Born and bred in New Zealand, Maura Finn now lives in Melbourne with her husband and two young daughters. In her early writing days, she ran a playground business, swapping tailor-made poems for lunchbox leftovers! Now, many years later, she has rediscovered the joy and value of picture books through sharing them with her own children, and is delighted to think that her stories may contribute to other children’s love of reading.

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