Big Storytime Christmas Giveaway

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

Camp Quality has a collection of awesome prizes for the Big Storytime Christmas Giveaway, just in time for some holiday reading. To enter, click HERE.

We are so excited to be sharing these amazing books with you.

From thrilling adventures to heartfelt picture books, we are certain you'll have trouble putting them down!

Prizes include:

The Forever Kid

by Elizabeth Mary Cummings

By remembering Johnny, who lives in the clouds, The Forever Kid tells a story of family love met with grief. A beautifully written and illustrated book that covers difficult and emotional conversations.

Flight of the Kite

by Penny Harris & Winnie Zhou

A nerve-wracking tale about persistence and courage. Pinney the Hippopotamus is eager to fly a kite on a windy day, making Ginnie the Giraffe incredibly worried.

Chasing Rainbows

by Katrina McKelvey

A thrilling story that follows Sam and Ruby's chaotic chase for rainbows!

Are rainbows magic? Can they be captured?

Kisses in Your Heart

by Sonia Bestulic

A simple and heartfelt book about a mother's love.

By The Billabong

by Maura Finn & Cate James

What might you see along the billabong? Follow an exciting adventure while meeting some wonderful and whacky Australian native animals. Watch out for crocodiles!

the Grandest Bookshop in the World

by Amelia Mellor

Pearl and Valley live in a bookshop, but not just any ordinary bookshop. Each day is filled with curiosities and magic adventures until their beloved father and bookshop are swiftly taken from them. Pearl and Valley need to hatch a plan to bring them back.

Being You is Enough and Other Important Stuff

by Josh Langley

Filled with 11 essential, life-affirming messages, Being You is Enough is a quirky and uplifting book certain to make you smile. Cheeky and daring, both kids and adults will love it.

Max Booth Future Sleuth: Chip Blip

by Cameron Macintosh & Dave Atze

Max and his trusty sidekick, Oscar the robo-dog, find a tiny device that's over 400 years old. Together, they intend to return it while finding more long-lost treasure, but they aren't the only ones looking!

The Art of Conversation

The Art Of Conversation is a communication tool that draws on experiences, thoughts, reactions, and ideas to start exciting conversations. The game contains 200 brilliant topics and questions made specifically to get us all talking!


Want to win these incredible prizes AND MORE? To enter, click HERE.

Don't forget you can watch many of these books being read aloud to you by the authors on the Campfire Storytime page of the Happiness Hub!