How To Be The Star And Director Of Your Own Life

Let’s talk about how to be the star and director of your own life - and, more importantly, how to stop overthinking everything. It sounds hard (and it can be), but there are things we can do to make it a little easier - with some help from our friend Josh Langley!

We all know those situations in which we are worried; we think of everything as bad, and we might even think of ourselves as not good enough. Those thoughts come up, and that is OK. They are a part of you.

But there are ways to make those thoughts appear less often, and there are also tactics for how you can make the overthinking go away fast.

Josh Langley talks about the ways to stop overthinking in his book Magnificent Mistakes & Fantastic Failures. Here, you can read a summary of what he suggests.

1. Focus on things you are good at, and that bring you joy

Josh says you should use your thoughts and imagination to make your life awesome. Instead of overthinking all the bad things that could happen, think about all the things you are good at and bring you joy. Shift your focus from the bad to the good.

2. Do not overthink all the tasks you cannot do, and all the bad things that can happen

Instead, think about something you are good at and then focus on that -rather than concentrating on all the things you struggle with.

3. Feel good about doing the things you do well, no matter how small or unusual they are

Now, think about all the things you are good at and enjoy doing. Is it singing, climbing trees, dancing, drawing, eating spaghetti or hugging the cat? Take a pen and make a list of all those good things. And the next time you feel down, look at the list and do one, or multiple, things that make you feel better.

4. Try something new that you have not done before

For example, invent a new sauce for your spaghetti dish, make music, write a story, take photographs, make new friends, read new books, or redecorate your room. Whatever it is, and no matter how silly it might appear to others, as long as it makes you happy and feeling good inside, just DO it!

And don't forget...

5. Take a break whenever you need it

When you find yourself in situations or moments where you feel overwhelmed by some mistakes or problems in life, it is good to take some time out and be still and quiet. Good luck with all these tips! We hope they help you in your life.

To find out more about Josh Langley, visit his website

Josh Langley has launched his online course - Here I am! - which helps kids build self-esteem and resilience.