'A Home For Luna' - Kids' Book Read Aloud By Stef Gemmill

When Luna washes up on a strange shore she is scared and lonely.

However, she soon discovers there is beauty in her new land and she makes unexpected friends along the way.

But will she ever feel at home in a place so different from the one she remembers?

To find out more about author Stef Gemmill, or to buy a copy of A Home For Luna, visit stefgemmill.com.

Published by New Frontier Publishing - newfrontier.com.au.

Video transcript:

- Hello story lovers, I'm Stef Gemmill, and I'm going to read my book, A Home for Luna to you now. I've got a little help here from Yellow-Eye and from Luna. This is a story of homelessness, migration and change, and how a homeless cat adapts to her new environment. Very much so as we are adapting to living in isolation. So let's read our story. A Home for Luna by Stef Gemmill, that's me, and the very talented Mel Armstrong did the illustrations. Published by New Frontier Publishing. On a moonlit night, a strange shape washed ashore. Luna placed one paw, then another onto the icy brown rocks. Her wet, black fur stood up in spikes. Luna licked her paws and wiped her ears. She listened for the sounds of danger that had made her leave her home, but she only heard the whoosh of the waves. Luna sheltered under the crate and dreamed of a home from long ago. As daylight peaked over the cliffs, the cat woke. She stretched. A smell filled the air. A smell like home, but not exactly. Luna tiptoed down the slippery rocks, sniffing the air. On the beach sat rows and rows of tall black and white birds with pointy red beaks. Each penguin gobbled salty, sweet sardines. Luna's stomach groaned. The penguins huddled closer as Luna watched. One tall penguin with large yellow eyes stood alone. Yellow-Eye blinked at Luna, Luna blinked back. She crouched close to the rock. Her legs could not take one more step. As the morning light grew brighter, the larger penguins slid into the ocean, returning with mouths full of fish. Luna licked her lips. Still tired, she napped on the warm rocks. When Luna woke, a tiny penguin waddled closer, watched by Yellow-Eye. Tiny rolled a spiral shell over the sand towards Luna. Luna rolled it back. Tiny danced on her little webbed feet. She pulled the shellfish from its shell and rolled it along the sand. Luna gulped it down and purred. On the next moonlit night, Luna caught fish with the penguins. Not exactly like a penguin, but good enough. When gulls tried to steal her catch, Luna pounced at their pecking beaks. Yellow-Eye jumped and snapped at the gulls. Not exactly like a cat, but good enough. Each day Luna moved closer to Yellow-Eye. Soon she joined the huddle, just like the other penguins. On the next moonless night, a strange boat scraped on the shore. Shouts echoed across the beach. The penguins huddled closer together. "This is no place for a cat," said the fisherman. "Eee-oww!" howled Luna. The penguins pecked at the man. Luna hissed and scratched, wriggling free. Yellow-Eye and the penguins closed around Luna. Together they watched the light of the boat fade into the darkness. Luna purred. Here with the penguins, she'd found her home. And sometimes home is found in an unexpected place. I hope you enjoyed A Home for Luna. If you'd like to know more about me and my books or purchase a copy of A Home for Luna, you can find me on my website stefgemmill.com