7 Father’s Day Keepsake Craft Ideas - For Kids

There are so many simple ways to show Dad your love this Father’s Day.

In our third and final Father's Day craft collection, we’ve collected some fun and easy ideas to make precious keepsakes that Dad will cherish for years to come. They're all easily made with items that can be found around the house, so you have nothing to lose! 😇

1. 'Following Dad’s Footsteps' Card

This keepsake card shows Dad how much he inspires you! 💞 Grab one of Dad’s shoes (an old, unused one if you can), dip it in some paint and stamp it onto a sheet of paper to make a shoeprint. Now, dip your foot in another colour of paint and stamp it in the middle of Dad’s shoeprint; you can get all your brothers and sisters together and pitter-patter on your special card! Then sign it: "Following in my Dad’s footsteps." 👣

To make your Following Dad's Footsteps Father's Day Card, you'll need:

  • Paint (non-toxic)

  • Dad's shoe

  • A paintbrush

  • White stock paper

  • Your feet!

Credit to Crafty Morning

To go a step further, you can sign up with Dad to Camp Quality's Big Walk for Little Kids to help raise money for kids facing cancer. The event will bring families together to stand up - or walk - in the face of cancer. 💛

Sign up with Dad here:


2. 'Love You to Pieces' Jigsaw Frame

This craft is super cute and memorable! Simply paint some popsicle sticks and let them dry, then glue them together to make your DIY photo frame. Choose a favourite photo of you and Dad to glue into the frame, and then decorate it with some jigsaw pieces to show Dad that you "love him to pieces!" 💟

To make your Love You to Pieces Keepsake Photo Frame, you’ll need:

  • 4 popsicle sticks

  • Some jigsaw puzzle pieces

  • Paint

  • Craft glue

  • A favourite photo of you and Dad ❤️

Credit to Crafty Morning

3. 'You’re my Superhero' Keyring Keepsake

Show Dad that he is your hero by making your own tiny Dad Superhero! You can even put it on a keyring so Dad can attach it to his bag or set of keys and carry it with him wherever he goes. 💘

To make your Dad Superhero, you'll need:

  • A dolly peg

  • Some Textas

  • A pair of scissors

  • Some coloured cardboard

  • Glue

That'll make Dad feel like a true legend. 🦸‍♂️ 💪

4. 'You're a Catch' Baseball Handprint Keepsake

Love playing catch with Pop? Hand Dad a sentimental gift to remind him of all the fun times and memories you have together. ❤️ Simply paste your ink handprint onto a baseball. Your dad can either mount it in an empty picture frame or painted canvas, or simply tie a bow around it to keep on his mantelpiece. It's super cute and lasts forever!

To make your Baseball Handprint Keepsake, you'll need:

  • A baseball

  • An ink pad

  • Baby wipes

  • Container (optional)

  • Ribbon (optional)

Credit to The Kindergarten Collection

Remember to wipe your hand clean with baby wipes after printing it onto your baseball! 🙈

5. 'Home Movies' DIY CD Photo Coasters

Have a few unwanted CDs around the house? Cherish your memories with Dad by using them to make your very own DIY photo coasters. Start by choosing some of your favourite photos of you and Dad. Simply paste your chosen photos onto each CD and trim around the edges. Then, paint over each photo with PVA glue and leave them to dry. You can even use acrylic varnish instead of PVA glue to make the coasters extra strong. 💪

To make your DIY CD Photo Coasters, you'll need:

  • Photos of you and Dad!

  • Unwanted CDs or DVDs

  • PVA glue

  • Acrylic varnish (optional)

Inspired by Savvy Homemade - you simply replace the pattern cutout with your favourite family photos!

Now, Dad can keep his coffee mug on a photo coaster that reminds him of your precious moments together. 🥰

6. 'I Love You' Gratitude Letter

This one is super simple and special. Write from the heart and show Dad how much you care with your own handcrafted gratitude letter. Camp Quality Puppet Mel wrote her own letter for her best friend Dean, and now she has some great ideas for you. ✏️❤️

To make your Gratitude Letter, you'll need:

  • A piece of paper

  • An envelope

  • A pencil or pen to write with

Simple and from the bottom of your heart. 😊❤️

7. 'I Love You' Origami Gratitude Box

You can go one step further by making an origami gratitude box where you can share your lovely gratitude letter or 'warm and fuzzies'. 🥰

To make your Origami Gratitude Box, you'll need:

  • 2 sheets of paper

  • Sticky tape

  • A pair of scissors

  • Colouring pencils, crayons or felt pens

And remember to decorate your box with your caring Father's Day message to show Dad just how much you're grateful for him.

Have a wonderful Father's Day! ❤️